Friday, May 29, 2015

Life Itself is A fairy Tale


Well I'm up and dressed this morning, funnily enough I notice the clock and my watch are showing different times. Which is correct? I pick up my phone and check. As it happens its my watch. Which I find odd. The clock auto times to the signal. I put the clock in manual and adjust it. Then I put it back in automatic and it changes back to being wrong!


I have enough time for a slow breakfast this morning, No need to rush and make dinner today as its Friday.


I reach for the fruit berries and a cup of tea. If I only had some cream this would be the perfect breakfast.


Things are moving with Windows writer, or not as the real case is. One of them might or might not put the issue right. But do they care?


As I leave the house it is raining. Rainy days I do not like. Did it rain yesterday when I was in the car. No it didn’t. Does it rain today when I catch the train. Yes it does. I get to the station quiet early for a change, typical or not so.


At the station I decide to utilise the station hut. It is wet out there


The last chapter, I'll save it for the journey home, free seven nine.


The second train is late for my destination bum :(, Can you believe it I’m going to be late for two days running.


I arrived at work wet, and to find it is mufti day and I had forgotten!


Before you knew it, it was dinner time. We looked out of the window and it was still raining. Luckily Matt said he would be willing to drive to the chippy.


Better still, he said we could eat them in his car. I know it doesn't sound great but its there or outside. We have a chat, a nice chat I like to chat to Matt, and when you think about my world I chat to a lot of Matts.


Once back on the train the journey comes to an end.


Not the rail journey but the journey of Mermaids.


And so an utterly brilliant story comes to an end, truly wonderful Essie Fox. :)


When the second train comes,there's only two carriages, don't ask how I did it, I just did.


Once back at home my uncle has donated me some tools and four batteries to go with them. Some of these look dangerous, as in what I could do with them?


Also I have a battery extender for my Nexus 5. Will this device be any good. It seems to make the phone much bigger. Wasn’t this not the point all along?


My brother comes around. And with that I ask him if he wants to try the “new” local. Its kind of in the right direction for the curry houses but also not, not really. Before you know it we take the quick route and we are at the front door.


In the pub, and at the bar, and we are lucky it is full and we get a couple fo seats by the pool table.


At some point it was inevitable, and I went to the toilet, it is on the left past the full blown poker table which is surrounded by humans and card playing.


Another moment another pint, I’m enjoying this, probably far too much.


While I sit here I realise this place reminds me of pineapple, and yes there are more. Mind you so does the pub.


With a tank full of beer each we leave the pub and head towards curry central. We pass the cemetery I live near, so very convenient.


The moon is out so big, so bright, so strong.


soon we are at curry central, and yes I have brought my bread knife out with me.


And now you understand why, you can never have too many cameras.


We pick a few cans up from next door and


try to decide what to order. there is so much to choose.


And whilst I have gone for the same starter as usual,


Chilli packora and a jug of water,


We have both ordered something different for our mains. Of which includes two large nans. Now when your given the option of nan and large nan, it usually means the nan is going to be small. So we both order large nans. So you can imagine, when two large nans come, to our surprise they are extra large nans.


To go with this we have also ordered coconut rice. Which is truly moist, and delicious.


We have both got something new for our mains.


Mine was a chicken tika Punjabi. Top marks its in a balti dish.


One very full belly and you know what, one very very very easy meal


Oh course we left some crumbs, now how do we get home?

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