Sunday, May 03, 2015

Take one Of Zoe’s


At some point Zoe tells me the bathroom is free, that is a que to get out of bed, b a que to wake up and c luckily for me my bladder badly needs empting! I use the shower.


I have some breakfast and whip Rosie home and return.


It is already dinner time and Zoe and Alan advise we are having dinner out. We leave the books that had been presumably read that night and head towards Xsara’s for a family thing.


We pull up and everyone gathers round whilst Nack takes a family photo, for Luke's birthday. Nack gets cake,


time to mingle with Zoe mom. and go through Xsara’s and James’ house the finished projects and on going projects and the projects that were going to be easy but turned out to be a nightmare. At least i wasn’t the only one who thought that every visit to B&Q ends with a £100 receipt. I even get to see the traditional fire place that had never been switched on before they had moved in! State of the art back in well the 70’s. Xsara offered one of her painting’s for my home and said I could take one from Zoe’s living room wall. I looked concerned at the idea might not be appropriate.


and suddenly Zoe announced we where leaving! “How could she say that”, Zoe exclaimed!


Xsara actually let me have on out of her Swiss Chalet, a red one that would go well with the retro room. This was a relief to Zoe and Alan was undoubtedly well pleased, about the fact we were taking one home, and the fact that sitting in the back makes me feel sick, although no-one in the past seems to care about this matter, I guess Zoe doesn’t want me to throw in her new car.


We pull into Waitrose to buy a nice dinner, and the basket starts to fill. And whilst here I mentioned the real tea we could get and I needed to get, and so I took them to the isle I had never been to before laden with quality Waitrose loose tea. They selected theirs I selected mine but started to move all the tea boxes in a desperate search for ordinary Waitrose breakfast tea. The one I needed the most badly. As it happens I had to give up, there wasn’t any! Back in the car we headed to the Jerds residence. We were welcomed in “luckily” and we had lunch, played with the kids and had tea. It was great to see them in the flesh. Jerds showed me his evil konevil bike and radio controlled car, well it was Oscars actually.


then we had a good session with Thomas the Tank engine and his very many friends.


At some point we return to the house opposite the Park with An Owl.


Alan put thee painting down by my bike and George turned up.


And so did a taxi. We head up the A6 towards Manchester and get out somewhere, where Alan's Dad is having his 80th Birthday. From here we walk past a pub I have been in and then down a road.


We are looking for some kind of Scout hut.


Now you may think we are drinking cider, but we are not. In fact the only thing on offer at this beer festival is dark beers and porter. I prepare my tastes buds!


Choices choices….what shall it be?


Well it gives you an opportunity to taste a different kind of beer.


Then I get a round where they really are getting the dregs out of the barrel.


This one is most definitely alive, I wonder if my stomach can take it.


We still out side and enjoy the liveliness and atmosphere, here they have some of the cleanest portaloes I’ve ever seen! Which is good news as the drains are blocked and the usual toilets closed!


We are joined by Scot and Irene, and the chit chat goes on merrily. I never new I liked this stuff so much.


The band played, people danced


and then as if by magic


everyone but us had gone, they literally had to sift us on!


Scot and Irene said we could hang out round theirs so off we went for a walk.


Past a church and down a street.


We sat and had Scott's beer, which hopefully was baby bathwater this time. And a lighter brew was enjoyed.


the games came out


the snacks came out


and the game play went oh so terribly wrong because what I though I was doing was right, but it wasn’t


Luckily everyone was light-hearted enough to laugh at the fact.


So who was the infiltrators? And with that Alan ordered a taxi which came very promptly.


Now it was already late, so you would have thought two of us would have at least gone to bed.


but this did not happen, we all stayed up.


And although Alan dropped off first, I was the first in bed! Probably around 3am.

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