Friday, May 22, 2015

The Butchers Social


Nobody knows what the day will hold? Nobody knows how much I will pack? I try to keep it to a minimum and use my small back pack. Afterall I’ve got to carry this around. I lift it up, and yep it is heavy. Is it too heavy? It might be. can I take less? I could but I’m not going to. Yet this morning I have packed light, so light I haven't even packed a pillow, will I sleep well I ponder?


I look outside, it is another nice day, a nice day to carry a heavy backpack.


I leave the empty milk bottle out and the money for the milkman and then


I head on down the street, what will the day hold, it is usually a good night with Matt?


I walk through the center of town, the street market setting up,


Past the Mecca of Morrison's near the station.


And to the station platform where I await the train. I hope its not packed, and the hopefully the platform will stay this empty.


On the chu chu I’m sat down, I put the bag between my legs and open up the top pouch.


I slide out my book and eagerly read from where I left off.


for a while I drift off into the Victorian world of fantasy and mermaids.


On train two I come back to relativity and think is that possible, well finically not. I search eBay eagerly.



At work I’m busy, I’ve got lots to do, to get done, to complete, why oh why is my phone constantly vibrating and why are the lights flashing. I open it and oh look at that, I’ve won those table and chairs I had forgotten about. And they need collecting today as they are moving out. Dam I forgot. I pick the phone up and call my Dad, “I hope you not doing anything, tell me you not doing anything?? Dad?”


Dinner time comes all too quickly, we got to the chipshop where for today's lunch I have chicken and mushroom Puka with chilli chips. We wander up the road and have dinner in the park without children.


when work is over I leisurely walk to the station. For tonight I'm on the opposite platform, and the train doesn’t come until 17:13.


At New Street there are Lots of chu chus’s. I consider going to Cash converters but then decide not to, as I’m at the back door, which really is now the front door. And I head in a different direction than I would normally take, I head down the Chinese underpass and appear at the Mailbox.


From here I head to the Library, where they have redug the area up to remove Paradise Circus.


Hopefully buses still stop here, do they?


The bus shelter is still here, now what number bus is it.


£2:20 later and I’m on the top deck of the bus, sitting at the back, me a rebel with rucksack.


By here I was feeling travel sick, and as we got near Harbourne I thought I’d better go downstairs, no longer sure where I got off. This off course made the driver to think I wanted to get off and he stopped. But I didn’t want to get off, so nothing really happened.


As the pet shop boys said, suburbia.


I walk the nice quiet streets to the white house I know, the house with a drive, with a drive so steep, so narrow, and knock the door.


A friendly face answers. It is not Matt.


I take my things to the yatch room and get changed and freshen up.


I look out the window I feel like I must not be on a yatch but be in the Ark. I go downstairs and I try to understand the plan but can’t. We are going to the Butchers first to get something to bring back to Maddy to then go out. I’m not sure if this is correct, but at the Butchers Matt wants to have a pint before we come back to Maddy. I don’t know why he is so desperate for a beer. And why does Maddy want Pig cheeks from the butcher so badly?


Matt has brought me to the butchers. But its not the type of Butchers I was thinking of.


As I look around I can see the KLF have been here before me. I can see why Matt wanted to come to the Butchers so eagerly.


I'm having a complete Muppet. I’m feeling a complete Muppet.


We order our drinks and our dinner and then


Go and sit down where no doubt they slaughtered the pigs, around the back.


We sit enjoy the talk, and before you know it, I know it, I’m drunk. Not even a pint down!


Then they bring the food out to us.


Me and mad Muppet matt. Still in the Butchers social. But at least we have ordered those Pig Cheeks now.


A bit later after Mat insisted we feed Maddy too and not eat them ourselves, so we are temporarily back in the house. One pint and I'm plastered!


We walk back into Harbourne and end up in the junction. I like the Junction, it is friendly, welcoming and atmospheric, and can you believe it, I’m drinking My Generation, A or X though?


And will the KLF walk through the door? Prices shocking, only a quid back in change from a tenna! Take me back to Cannock....


We head to the beer garden, I insist, I don’t know why but here we can sit.


Although not everyone out here wants to sit.


I consider the intake as I’m getting up early in the morning, that is early for me, it is not looking good. Then we headed back to the bar.


Here, it is simpler to get served quicker, and as in the case of life


the most confident people are usually ass holes in my life's experience


A bit later I had to use my credit card to get the Muppet out.


We walk home after visiting the chipshop neither of us wanted to goto, which in a way was a good thing because with yur chips you could have a bottle of Vodka or Whiskey, something I’ve not seen in Cannock yet. As it happens I had a Kebab. I don’t remember having a Kebab but my fingers smelt of Kebab, so I know I had one. An no I didn’t have a litre of vodka with it although it was beginning to feel like it.


Back before two thirty, that's what happens when you mate take you to the chip shop for half an hour.

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