Monday, May 11, 2015

The Emergency Batch


I wake up and admire the lawn.


I see the one hard to grow seeding is doing well. Not that any of the others are.


Les Hughes is bored of pictures of trains so for this week I'm trying to be more imaginative, so here me, watching you, watching me, thinking, what you watching, me thinking, are you watching me, why are they watching me, should they be watching me, and should I wave?


One the train I enjoy my book once more, the story getting deeper and deeper and so more interesting. I like it, its become a real page turner for me.


Then I remember Di’s Birthday bash and that I need to find something to wear for Saturday. I hit the web on the move.


On the way home I got to Walsall and change train. My first train is late, but I didn’t notice just how much by. And I went to Walsall on purpose to get to the pound land in the station foyer. For I desperately need large bin bags than he ones I’d already brought, and some super glue. Now it always happens to me, the queue is small but slow, and then the cashier obviously has a pain in the ass customer how dawdles. He pretty much tells her, and then starts serving the rest of us while she is trying to put her purse away and bags, “him muttering that some of these people have trains and buses to catch love you know, I have got time for you today.” And as I made my way to the platform it was eerily quiet. For I had missed that train, it had gone and it had taken all the people with it, either that all the aliens had beamed them all up. It was sunny though and this gave me time to turn some more pages, something which soon I wouldn’t be able to stop doing.


At home I replant my emergency batch of Only The Lonely Plants, Hopefully these will live.


I’ve repotted them 3 to a pot.


Will they survive? One hopes, but one never knows what the future holds…

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