Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tired Exhausted Ill?


The day may look pretty but it isn’t. Not enough sleep, most likely because of the ambush I know I’m going to be driving into, tired from the cycling and if anything I remember Zoe saying she suddenly didn’t feel well in the restaurant yesterday. On a normal day i would have not gone to work, but becuase of tommorrow I carried on regardless. I get what I need for the ambush and a company car.


When I head home the roads around Birmingham are grid locked again around where I work. It takes about an hour and a half to get home, and go to the petrol station at the top of my road I’ve never been too yet. I go to pay and the cashier says, good god you look tired. We have a natter and I note that they have charcoal here. I can’t wait to get to bed. But of all the nights my parents come round, I’m doing the housework that didn’t get done at the weekend and I doing my washing. This is the night I could do with being in bed at 8pm, not just because I don’t feel good but because of tomorrow. Eventually I go to bed, but do I sleep well, of course not.

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