Thursday, May 21, 2015

Added sauce


A lovely day for a walk to the station, the air is warm, the sky is blue.


Today I am not alone, there are people on the train with me. Obviously no ticket inspector!

We are soon here, and here is a paradise to some, but not to me. For me I belong somewhere else.

As I walk in the gate I see Lindsay, she is topless today. Its not often you see her topless, so on this occasion I thought I’d get a photo of her posing in her Boxer.

When the day end, the sky is still blue, something that has not happened lately. At the other end I leave the station and go to Morrison's. I went in for a big packet of crisps, as I want to sit in my garden munching away on them, with a cup of tea. Of course I came out with some other items too, manly some beefburger buns.

On the way back home I went via the subway and I was in for a surprise!

The new gallery isn't open yet, but here is a sneak preview! Note how they have taken one set of tiles of but not the second!

Devine and inspirational, now that would look good in my bathroom.

Something a bit local.

Something elegant

something tranquil

And then more deer! How original.

When I’m home my MX5 car insurance is here.

The important bit, remember not all insurance is the same, always read the book.

Ad something interesting from my sports car insurer, track day insurance. Erm, I ponder maybe a track day with Mat after all.

I settle in the back garden, with my crisps and tea.

And have a walk around it

enjoying the flowers whilst they last

The chimneyair that will never burn

The bird table the birds never visit

And wondering, is that Roman pottery?


Something's are starting grow, others are not and then I head into the kitchen.

For tea tonight I'm having burgers with cheese, tomatoes and fresh chilli, with the red sauce of Nacks finger, where he has deeply chopped it with the bread knife. Ouch. There is blood everywhere, in all the unlikely places and no doubt roaming around the fridge too.


I take my burgers out complete with sauce, having put the bread knife back in the draw unwashed, unwipped.

And consider will my finger ever stop bleeding?

I plant my sage plant and then head indoors and up to the retro room.

I should be packing but 

Films don't get better than this.

And I enjoy my all time favourite film Convoy now watch, well I don’t know how many times…..

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