Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Can I Loose Them Now?


The story continues, when I say story though, I mean the script.


One thing though is now i shouldn’t be able to loose my front door key. Well not so easily I hope.


Whilst on the move I also downloaded the new NPower app. I liked the original npower phone app, it was good and informative, and you could see everything you needed. Of course things get updated...


Of course they think it's the beez neez but as an end user it looks pretty but it's not as functional and some of the info isn't there. Very pretty, has designer been to art school I consider? If I'd done it if have been period of it too. About a month ago I'd filled out the survey giving the app the thumbs up. Perhaps it was too good but not pretty good enough?


It is roasting in this house and I settle in, in the back room admire the fairy lights


A work of art, surrounding a work of art.

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