Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chill and enjoy


It feels odd waking up in my own home at the weekend. It feels like I haven't been here in a long time. It is nice outside and I decide to take a walk into the town. The sun is beating down on my skin, giving a good vibe feel to the day, almost as if I was waking down the streets of Tenby. I enjoy a leisurely pace of shopping, going to my favourite Wilkos fro some essentials, Iceland, the charity shops and also at last to get some more keys cut. I get 8 keys done for forty pounds. The ones at the bottom I ask if they can do, the tumbler type. Yes they say not a problem, and whilst they take a while for them to do them they are done. Lastly I get something i was not expecting. I put it in one of my carrier bags to ensure I can walk it home, and then I find the lady to pay.


All I need to do is decide where to put it.


I get the spade out and dig a section of lawn up to put it in, and water it well.


And you know I try those tumbler keys, and you know what. They don’t work!


I enjoy the garden for a while before doing a task I’d meant to do every night this week.


And that was to get the sewing kit out and repair the tent bag.


And so it is repaired. Time to pack my bag then and get changed.


I put my backpack on and head back into town, where I stop by the key cutting place and have them redo the keys. As I check the train time tables on my phone, if I rush I can just make it to the station. When I get there, there is a queue for the ticket machine and the platform is full. I’m still in the queue when the train pulls up. So I leave the queue and get on the train. It’s not that I want a ticket from here, but need one from Tame Bridge Parkway to Brum central.


I get off a Walsall and do the right thing and try to get one rather than risking getting caught at Brum Central. Here though the ticket machine will only give you a ticket from Walsall. No other options. I guess then this would have been the same at Cannock.


Well the next train is via Aston, so I get off at Aston, get a ticket and then two minutes later get on the next train.


As I get off the train and wander through the station, nobody asks to see my ticket. I take a walk around the crowded and busy streets into Thorntons, where I get a nice box of chocolates gift wrapped by the three people serving me. I stroll through the city streets, the sun still stroking my skin until I get to my bus stop outside the library. One turns up and I head off to Harbourne.


Once there I spy where Alan and Zoe are and decide that I might as well go into The Plough and relax for a while.


It would appear though, that with the sun the whole of Harbourne has had the same idea. I ask if i can sit next to a group of people and they nudge me up a space.


they ask where I have walked from, remember the very large red backpack I’m wearing, so you can imagine my answer “from the bus stop opposite the pub” went down well. We had a natter and it was one of there birthdays. They really wanted the gift wrapped chocolates from me.


I was suddenly being texted to get out the pub and get to the Poade’s house. “But none of you are there though and…


I haven't finished my pint yet!”


And with that i finished my pint.


Ask I strolled down the roads of suburbia, the trees rustling above, I arrived at the Poade’s just they pulled up in theirs cars. I was shown my room to be and


lead to the garden for some fun and games with the children.


You may think I was going to be able to relax.


And no its not what you think, its a Gin and Tonic.


We all get ready one by one and then head to Waters on The Square to celebrate Maddies Birthday.


We have a chink with a drink and then some wonderful food.


As I've often said, you can rate a place on the state of the gents. It usually tallies with the hygiene of the kitchen.


Of course there seems to have been some short cuts taken to make the appearance what it is.


Back at the Poade’s Alan, Zoe and Nack stay up, have a beer and watch Glastonbury. At some point Alan goes to bed. Nack goes to sleep, and so Does Zoe. At some point Nack wakes up, tries hard to wake Zoe up, but she’s not having it. She is happy to carry on watching Glastonbury with her eyes closed. I tell she’d be more comfortable in bed, but no she’s happy where she is. I wish her good night and go to bed myself.

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