Sunday, June 28, 2015

I think It’s A Turtle.

IMG_20150628_091507 I wake up, I’m not sure why, I’m tired still, but I stir and get up.


Whilst Matt continues to try learning how to use his phone, I read the kids books.


Some of them are very educational, like this one.


We head out for dinner at the Junction and


whilst Zoe keeps the children entertained


Alan keeps an eye on me. I’m not sure what the parents are doing, Sunday paper reading I think.


I had half a roast chicken for Sunday dinner. Some would say I've cleaned my plate.


Some wouldn’t!


I nip out sharpish to call into Waitrose, I need some more loose tea and Waitrose is opposite the Junction. Only at this branch they don’t have the tea I want! I get some other tea anyway. and whilst I wait in the queue to pay, Poade turns up, and the Alan too. So much for the popping in. Back at the Poade’s we get Survive out!


Now can Alan beat a 3 year old?


The game gets tense.


I put all my strategy playing into effect but its not looking good.


Who will win??


Yeah I do with 18 points! Can you believe it.


And with that Zoe announcing something more calming. What shall we create?


What do you think it is uncle Nack?


I think its a turtle?

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