Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I’m A Winner


I swapped trains with nothing to do for the second part of the journey, other than to enjoy the travel itself.


The simple pleasure of travel, through some of the midlands most wonderful areas. I ponder how quick the train is moving, as it often feels like no more than 20mph, it seems really slow. I load up my car app which confirms it is a maximum of 50 mph and no more, it never goes any faster.


It is a hot and uncomfortable day at work and at dinner I go outside and enjoy more heat and sun than I was not enjoying at my desk.


I sit on the grass next to a pink plant. And then ponder.


How am I going to collect this. I call my dad and request he collects me from the station. That was of course a great plan until the train does not come. As only college said, I tried to get you attention at the station but you looked really despondent. Well it was baking on that station platform, and the app just kept putting the train back by a minute. 30 minutes latter i was ready to throw myself onto the tracks, knowing I had missed my second train! London Midland and their bullshit information.


I did of course get to Cannock station eventually, and they were there ready to pick me up, and so me and my dad went to Brownhills to collect the shelves that I wanted for my garage.


I cooked dinner for my parents, which we ate outside in the garden. And then I set about the task of tidying up and clearing out the garage to make room for these shelves. The whole idea was to get stuff off the garage floor. It may not look like it here, but things are an improvement.


And the shelves have helped organise the place.


By the time I came out of the garage it was dark. And so I enjoyed my own garden lights.


Yep I like them. This is good.


What a display


And with that I consider the fact that even with a fan now, I probably wasn’t going to sleep well.

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