Friday, June 05, 2015

It just happened


So I was at work, still aching from the swimming and I had a head ache all day. I left work and headed down the station with a friend. We got off the station and I waited for the second train. When I got on the second train ,I got very, very, tired. I struggled to keep my eyes open. When I got off the train I was in for a long walk, a night I could have down with a taxi. Once in the door, my body wanted bed, and so I got up stairs and lay on it feeling worn out. A few hours latter I woke up feeling ill, very ill, it hurt to breath on my right hand side, and look at my insect bites what's going on, I must be having an allergic reaction to them. Whilst late I call the parents tell them I’m too ill to make any tea and would they knock me something up. All I recall is them saying I needed to see a doctor and me enjoying rice pudding, and then I feel asleep once more.

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