Monday, June 01, 2015

Long Screws


As the chu chu swift takes me to paradise, I open my new book for this first day of the new month. Post Cards From The Edge by Carrie Fisher. I hold no hope of this book as she is an actress, with her best acting being the girl for the Blues Brothers movie. I wonder if this will be better than reading my post cards?


On the way home the Compton Hospice shop was open still so I went in. It wasn’t much good but noted it is a distraction on the way home that is going to make me a regular. Once home I make myself do something useful. I get that new drill out I have been given and also the Titan when this hits brick. I take the mirror down from the mantle and do some measure of where to but the big hooks and the the long screws for them. Two screws for each hook. After a lot of marking on the wall I set the drill up and get drilling. I am impressed the drill hit the brick and it drill slow down but it made the 5mm holes deep enough for the raw plugs to fit in, red ones by the way.


I lifted the enormous weight up on the step ladders and put the eyes through the hooks and slowly let go of the weight.


I sit back and think fantastic.


I pray those long screws hold, I hope those hooks hold, or its going to be messy and noisy, no doubt in the middle if the night!

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