Monday, June 29, 2015

Matured To Perfection


It's not riveting, it's reading. Nearly there now, thank God. I will be glad when I’ve finished it. I hope it ends good but you never know, but I have a feeling it will not.


Back at home i am bored, and the devil gives idle hands things to do. So I take my utensils out of the Stella Artois glass and nail them to the wall, along with the Diablo.


I also hang this clock up at last.


That's much better.


For tea I have this pork pie, now not only cheap but extra matured, a bit like the 28 day gone off steaks that seem still to be in fashion.


I sit back at my main PC and burn the cd’s to the server.


I wonder what this is like? I wonder how long it will take for Google to cloud it? I wonder where I will listen to it.


I wonder if there music has matured? I hope not.

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