Sunday, June 07, 2015



the next day I wake up early. Not because I want to, but due to what the Doctor said in the Hospital. The rash that wasn’t causing me a pain issue now was. I lay in bed awake, but not moving.


At some point I get up. The pigeon is back in the garden. I watch for a while from the kitchen window.


At some point the parents come round with a chemistry kit of medicines. The nicest one though is the lime cordial.


Along with my dad we burn some time by assembling the still boxed vintage Black and Decker Workmate WM300 from the 80’s, my grandad kindly donated to me that he was given to him as a present from the very late uncle Roy, erm what a man, he was always so interesting to be around.

IMG_20150607_172927 ]

I even consider filling out the guarantee return card.


I wonder if the address is right though.


The view from the horizontal position is nice but I'm bored of doing nothing. again.


As the evening draws in I head into retro room. It is just as painful in a different room though.


I put the Big Bang Theory on and enjoy a three episodes and especially the last one, which was real funny.


If you stare at things long enough you start seeing things that are not there.


Like this male face, green hair do and an arm with a white hand.


And this female one.


I hear my Motorola Razri bleep at me, what is it wants. Ohh it wants to do a system update. Now that is really unexpected, I thought they had given up on this model.


I go for it, I mean it can only help right?


A long long long time later it has completed.


Along with me getting camomile solution everywhere! I do hope camomile solution comes out of the sheets. I must have missed my body..

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