Thursday, June 11, 2015



The post man comes to the door, I go and answer it. I then decide I’d better call the holiday place up and advise them I’m not turning up today afterall. They are fine with that and they don’t ask why so I don’t tell them. I sort out some gear from the garage, leave it in the garden and then have a lye down. A bit later I take the gaer from the garden and put it in the boot. And then I have a lie down, erm this still isn’t looking good. If I can’t stay active for an hour without needing a rest how will I drive there and put up a tent? With the gear in the boot, I note how much room I have for my weeks clothes. I shut the boot and


open the bonnet, and give her an oil check, a water check and screen wash fill. She is looking alright. I close the bonnet and go indoors.


The post man has brought me a bulb I ordered so long ago, I had forgotten about it. Well it wasn’t the thing most on my mind lately. With enough LED’s to make it pointless using an LED bulb I swap it in the living room to see if we can now read in the dark with the light on, rather than trying to read in the dark with the light on but it still not being light.


The answer of course is that we have created a sun in the living room.


I ponder if that is a good idea or not.


For tea I am trying to eat the whole of the fridge, so in the wok it goes.


And what comes out is flavoursome, but enough for six! And with that I pack my bags and go to bed because guess what, yeah I’m tired.

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