Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stokesay Castle


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I somehow get up, get out of bed, get breakfast and look out of the windows. It is raining. Not a little bit but very very heavily. I consider last night a good move, as I’d not want to pack a wet tent away. I get in the car with the windscreen wipers washing away furiously and the head lights on.. I head west along the Wales Highway cruising at an astonishing 40mph. Now this I would have know from last night, right? Wrong. As last night on the way home the contra flow was 50mph going east. So why 40mph going west? I arrive at Stokesay castle at 9:10, and the car park gate is locked. At the entrance there is a car that goes away, and another, which a girl gets out of and comes and talks to me. She is here awaiting to be let in herself as she works there. Apparently they don’t open until 10am, so i have got some time to wait, and she is waiting for the manager to come and open the car park. This gives me time to do two things after we eventually finishing chatting in the beautiful morning sun – here. Obviously not where I was living. I cleaned out my boot and then when the car park opened, I polished the interior of the car.



I pondered if Alan and Zoe were going to turn up. They said they were going to get here for 9am, and don’t be late like you always are Nack. So for once I’m on time. Have they changed there minds. There was no way to check and no signal on the phone. With nothing more to do on the car I decide to go in.


First i pop into the church though, as we all know i like a good church.


And this one is a good as most. Very quiet, but then there is only me here!


I wonder tot he ticket office and ask for a ticket for one, which by now must have confused the girl who attended to my ticket and our conversation earlier that I was waiting for two people, and just as I left the ticket office, I hear the voice of Zoe, “Nack, Nack we are here”. I smile it is good to see them.


I never actually realised that Stokesay Castle is actually “on my doorstep”. Nor the fact that it isn’t actually a castle either.


What it is though on this wonderful morning though is beautiful, a quiet setting and peaceful with very few people here. We sit a t first and have a cup of tea.


We start our tour and audio guide.


Which takes us through a detailed and interesting story of the buildings.


Some of it bleak and some of it very nice.


We wander, we gaze we enjoy.


And then we head to the roof.


For an impressive view


of the roof.


But the view is really good actually and you can see why they built it here.


But not why they drove their kart through the lake?


Of course at the top is a flag, a flag that is flying.


And an Alan, that isn’t flying.


The scene is so picture cardy


that one doesn’t want to leave too quickly.


We do the romantic moat walk.


And enjoy the nature around us.


The architecture.


and the castle once more.


Eventually though there is nothing more to see and it is time to say goodbye to Alan and Zoe and to head back East along the Wales Highway and back to the midlands.


I go and get my hair cut, that needs doing so badly. And then some shopping at Lidel for a change. I see this shower fitting and consider it at £22 a good buy. But will it fit. I note the details and consider it.


Back at home my herb garden has gone mad. Yep it grows better when I’m not here!


and where has my Buddha gone?


I open one of my birthday presents and consider how I’m going to mount them? Do I need my drill? And if so which one?


A short while later they are up.


And an even shorter while, they are lit.


Even better though is I put up my new washing line, and now this new one has two lines. Yes that's right I’m a two washing line man now, ohh life's so exciting.



And with that I relax in the garden, consider what I’m going to do with myself, that is before going to bed early – remember that Zoe said I need to be careful, I need to keep resting for a bit.

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