Saturday, June 06, 2015

They’re not insect bites you silly man


It takes me about five attempts to get out of bed, all at various times. I open the curtains and look down. Where I haven't gone deep red I have yellow spots of puss. Its about midday and I get some clothes on. I get a call, its my parents calling to see if I’m alive, and if I’m well enough to come out still. “Well I’m out of bed and dressed.” They suggest that they will pick me up then.


Normally I probably would not have gone. Today though we were going out for my mom’s birthday at her favourite place the Barns, so not far for me to go anyway.


The question was asked, was I going to eat, and was I going to have a starter? Well hell I’m here and yes I’m going to have the full works. And so the orders were taken and my starter appeared.


When it actually came to pudding I’d like to say I didn’t have one. That's not admitting I did or did not, but the discussion of a doctor came up and when we left they asked if I wanted a lift home. “Nope” I said, “just drop me off outside the hospital and I’ll find someone to talk to”.


Now Cannock Hospital doesn’t have an A&E as such, but it does have an minor medical unit which deals with insect bites and putting plasters on cuts, as far as I understand, that is all they do. So I was sure that someone there would be desperate to see me. Afterall it must be a long day just waiting behind a desk for someone to walk in with insect bites. I say hello and sit waiting my turn, which took about 30minutes. The place full of adults brings youngsters in to have plasters put on them no doubt. And she did seem excited about the insect bites. “Now sir tell me about your insect bites and when did you get them?” I described how ill I’d been with them last night and then she stopped me and said, you know what I, I’m pretty sure you've got shingles from what you just said. And she is luck enough to have me take my top off, and too her delight she confirms, its going to get painful, and if you’ve had them since Sunday its pointless giving you the medication now. “You Silly Man – Why didn’t you come sooner?” What I don’t think she understood though was twelve hours ago it wasn’t like this but just like a few bites and a headache. Right now though I seemed to have a window of feeling okay. And I say that as when I leave and head into town I go to Wilkos. In Wilkos I get some stuff and also see a duvet for £8. I think that will be great for the small spare room. I don’t have my car, it’ll be alright. I go and pay and then it hits me, argggghhhh I suddenly felt really ill again. As in get me out of here….


I get to the sofa and the parents pop round after their own shopping spree at the supermarket. I confirm with them, that I did see someone and its shingles. Everyone wants to leave me, but I’m not sure why according to the information the hospital gave me.


So as long as you have had chicken pox and don’t like my yellow puss spots you should be alright, and avoid pregnant people.


When I do open my eyes again I stay on that sofa and watch a film, a film where someone never grows old.


Where more than one of them know the truth, and the truth of what the future will hold, even if you don’t want to admit it.


Of course if you know who something's going to work out, even if you don’t want it to work out that way.


Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it, even if you try, its just the way its going to be. The solution may come, the solution has to come, but right now your going to have to let nature take its course. Behold you never really know what the future will hold.


And with that I go to bed in the hope I feel better tomorrow…. maybe

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