Monday, June 08, 2015

Tired and Tyred


So last night I get a call from my parents around 21:30, “Can we come round and see you?”. “Well you can if you want” I say, “but I’ve been in bed for two hours already.” They decide not to. I can’t say I slept well, my rash now stinging when either touched or not, but especialy if touched. Of course what we all forgot was the fact I’d arranged to have my tyres changed around my parents in the morning. And only when the Mobile Tyre fitter came did my dad realise he had my car, keys, but no credit card of mine to pay for them.


So as it happens my dad has for the movement reluctantly paid for them, I say this as I explained I wanted to pay for them on my credit card as I didn’t have the money to buy them, but they needed doing before I used the car again. So we are fully treaded up with some Goodyear 4 Season tyres. Bring on the snow.


The only other thing that happened today was I didn’t go to work, I did feel ill and I did eat a lot of trifle, and that was nice.

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