Friday, July 31, 2015

Bi Buy Bye


It is sunny, it is Friday, it is muffti and the sunflowers are enjoying it too.


Today I leave the Skoda at home and


climb into my MX5 hoping the battery hasn’t gone flat. It hasn’t so down with the roof! And off we go.


I burn down the road, at a pace that can only be achieved on the M6 in rush hour.


And before you know it I’m here.


Here to find out my work dude Jon Pugh has given up after twenty years of putting up with my endless questions on nothingness and pumps. I will truly miss him, we have had good times, both professionally and outside the work area.


Its not the only surprise I get today, Npower have contacted me again today by email. Hell I sent the email over a month ago! Reply now with nothing more than we have complained to ourselves for you on our behalf! Madness in the world doesn’t just reign at my own workplace then?


And so the day ends. I tidy and clean my desk and say goodbye to it for a while, will the 3D cad machine appear any time soon?

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Operation Tileless


Tonight I’m meant to mow the lawn, but just before that I actually forget. Instead I star at the door latch on the bathroom door, and decide to fix it. No more locking people in there then!


And whilst at the bathroom floor I look at the floor. Knowing what is hidden beneath needs dealing with more now than all the way back then. I lift it up and consider it may need a period of drying.


I get the yukky vinyl out, wet and brown and smelly, and I’m left with tiles from god knows which era and scree that has gone weird, Very weird.


I get the floor on the drive and bleach it over, give it a good brushing and leave it.


Back indoors I get the tiles off leaving the wet, yuky, wet, yukky adhesive stuff.


Out with the Wilko plaster scraper and out with more bleach and more scrubbing and then drying. Sometimes later the floor is good once more!


Back tot vinyl I do what I can with it with more bleach, more scrubbing, and more sweat!


Eventually its all clean enough and dry enough to go back in. Operation bathroom floor part one is complete and now to the mower.


I have kind of let it grow this week so I could do it tonight. There is a reason. And if you knew it would be obvious. Up and down and up and down. You get the picture.


Of course to do all that up down movement I had to move the table so I move it to the desert side of the garden.


It may well help the plants and grass there. Now time to make some tea as I’m hungry.


A fire alarm sound later, yes I set it off again, I’m sitting in the back garden enjoying a pasta dish with Buddha.


I admire my lights.


And consider it is time for bed.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

No more DIY


I get home and I’m seriously looking forward to tea from the chips shops and then relaxing and an early bed time reading Glove Pond. As it happens I get my tea from the chip shop across the road. They are obviously looking at getting more punters in as they have a new lass in there serving. Well when I say serving, they are trying to train her, but they are finding her hard to train. She is though good eye candy. They cook me a fresh Haddock. This takes a while and I’m happy to hang around and have a chat for 15 minutes. When I get back back to my house I enjoy the enormous meal. I’m finished when I see my parents car pull up. Hi I say, and my dad says he’s come to help do the other two hand rails. Hell no, not tonight, I’m going to bed. But does that happen! Does it heck. I spend 3 hours in the garden, gardening with my mom. It was most enjoyable.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I don’t feel like this


I get up, I don’t feel like I should, and when I look out of the window


I don’t feel like this.


I make my dinner and then leave for work in the car. I’m having a car week. Its not worth getting the train. And at work I eat  my salad box!


When I do get home, I'm expecting my parents round, only they don't appear, so I go to the garage and get a box out, that my dad  brought round, only to find my house being steam cleaned. I get out the screw drivers and


Take off the cardboard wrapping to reveal the wood structure inside.


I get out some essential other tools and as if by magic


within a couple of minutes it is built. The thing is I don’t know where to put it!


I try many places but in the end I move the table and chairs and put it where I wanted one originally.


And with that the parents come round and a different project is started.


One of the hand rails for the stairs gets fitted. But there is a point where I am so so tired.


What is worse is I’m actually still very, very tired. I finish up at 23:30 and put my tea in the oven. I eat it and I’m in bed before my parents have even left!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Leave No Trace


I didn’t want to get up, after all I hadn’t slept much. The on-going saga of next door and at one point his friends going to the car because he had brought in loads of mud into the tent to make it unbelievable in. And then him saying your never coming back are you? Your leaving me here. And no we will be back. And its your own fault what have you took now look at you your in a right mess, just like the tent. But I new I had to pack and get the tent down.


so I got the bags packed, I got the tent down and I took my stuff to the car in two journeys and return for Alan and Zoe, who were now all packed up. We collected some rubbish for the rubbish bonds and I search the empty tents for anything that may be useful. So, so, so many tents left abandoned due to the weather. And I mean not just cheap ones either. If you had the time you could take home a really nice tent.


As we leave,


I look back and I’m proud to be able to say leave no trace. Where we are is how we found it, only a little damper.


A walk to our cars and a quick pack it all session and


we get in.


That’s it then the end of a very wet Secret Garden Party.


And out of the field I follow an MX5. Not the ideal car for driving in muddy fields.


But lovely for a warm sunny day, in a car queue.


As I admire all the footprints on the external wall where people had jumped the high fence, we slowly plodded along.


To a tranquil watermill.


where we had a spot of lunch.


enjoyed the scenery


the wildlife


and it was time to say our goodbyes. it was good, it could have been better. But the two who love the wettness of Kendall calling kept the spirits up and I had a goodtime.


And so I climb in my motor and hit light speed.


Back home i had a tour of Benway’s games room. Look at that, there’s a TRS80 to the right of the Dragon32!


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