Friday, July 17, 2015

All Hail The King


I seem to get out of bed early, but leaving the front door I am not. and this morning I decide to head through the centre of town and the Friday street market.


And as I walk past the bed stall I see out of the corner of my eye a set that would do nicely. I call the chap over, “that will be a tenner”. And as I open my wallet it comes to me that there may not be a tenner in there. In fact there isn’t. I tell him I’m going to the bank and will be back in a minute. This is of course a few minutes, which in reality I don’t have. I do however go, give him the note and head off with the new set.


At Walsall I finish the chapter and then I call my mom and have a chat.


On train two I get out the duvet set and admire my purchase. And then I flick through the metro.


Something I wish I hadn’t done now. Wow that's a good deal. So the mortgage rates wouldn’t get any cheaper they said last year!


For dinner we head down the Aquarius.


And this week I limit myself to just having eight scallops. I’m full and consider 4 would probably be enough in future.


On the way home I head into Morrisons, I get a couple of things and then head to the subway to give Alan an update on the Cannock Art Gallery progress.


As it happens, it would appear the work in progress has been abandoned. All the safety gear has gone and yet the tiling is not finished?


this is the same at the far end. Have they done a runner? Have the tiles gone missing? Have the council run out of pay by the day cash?


Will Cannock Art gallery ever get completed?


I arrive at home to find some delivered parcels. The Wager Wall Perfect has arrived. Exciting, now I have something to do this weekend.


And the new speakers I ordered for the MX5 have also come. so now I have two things to do this weekend!


and with that I put on season five of Breaking bad until I’ve completed all the disc’s. All Hail the King.

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