Tuesday, July 21, 2015

At Last


Have you ever had one of those dreams where you there, like its real life, but your asleep? and then in the dream the fire alarm is going off? And in reality the fire alarm isn’t going off in the dream? But is in fact the fire alarm in the house! And that wakes you up in deep sleep? An I panic and think holy cow that's the fire alarm and jump out of bed sharpish, at 5:01 am thinking what did I leave on that could have caught fire, running onto the landing where there was no smoke, racing down stairs into the living room, to find nothing but alarm number two active. No smoke no fire just noise. I flapp a tea towel at it just like when cooking, and it goes off. And then the one upstairs goes off too. I ponder what the uck? and go to bed, my brain hurting from being woken up so abruptly.


At least I know I shouldn’t die now if I’m asleep and the house is burning down. On the M6 could this be real, was yesterday just the Monday morning Monday traffic blues.


Of course in reality some things don’t change.


I get to work slight earlier than I would by train, only it is simpler and easier.


My phone is advising I’ve got lots more new followers suddenly. Why though? and the list goes on!


Some days at work are better than others, thats all I’m saying.


at home I give the lawn a trim with the mower, pull some weeds, put 95% of the decorating stuff away in the garage after sorting it out into tubs and find my camping gear out.


I put the banisters out ready for the installation process and the brackets.


I have tea and then a quick look at my emails. At last can you believe it. I finally have a bill from them for the electricity and my usage. I check to see if I’m better off else where with the Money Saving Energy Club.


And with that. I go to bed in the hope the fire alarm doesn’t go off tonight.

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