Sunday, July 05, 2015

By the Seat of Your Pants


Sunday I get up and put that shelf up. I place it numerous places numerous times, before I get the nails out. That's right I didn’t want to drill the tiles, so I have nailed it. Then I put the spare towels on it. The shelf is bad actually.


I sit back and relax and get back to watching Breaking Bad Series 3.


My dad disturbs the piece by coming round to correct the plumbing. However I think it is time for me to learn to do the plumbing and before you know it I’m officially qualified in non leaking pipework. So now I know the basics and here is my handy work.


And whilst there was a wet floor and tools everywhere, there was a knock knock on the door. It was Matt and he’d brought his new motor to show me. OOOOh we are going out in it.


If it wasn’t scary enough in his Panda, it is certainly scary enough in this and in the rain.


Neither of us know where we are going but hey 


This is what is going out for a spin is all bout. I’m holding on in these bucket seats by the seat of my pants. Oh which I need some new ones by the time I have thought of somewhere to go.


This is it, we are here. I brought us here as I’ve never been but keep meaning to pop in. It doesn’t have good Google reviews.


It looks tidy enough and we are meet at the door. We want to sit outside with a pint and the Sunday sharing platter please.


And that is what we do, enjoying the fresh air and each others company.


He whisks me back home, gives me a present and then disappears in a load of tyre scream, and smoke.


Mean while I get changed and jump in my own dream machine to be here by 17:30.


Of course non of the rest of the family are here like they should be, but that's typical. So I sit and enjoy a pint in the “Beer Garden” of the Bridge House.


They come eventually and my Granddad is a happy man,


for today he is 94.


It is time to leave with a very full belly.


I look at my garden and then


check to see if the broad band has been turned back on by BT. Nearly a whole weekend with internet – how did I cope. Yes its now back on.


And with that is back to Breaking Bad and them living by the seat of their pants too.

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