Friday, July 31, 2015

Bi Buy Bye


It is sunny, it is Friday, it is muffti and the sunflowers are enjoying it too.


Today I leave the Skoda at home and


climb into my MX5 hoping the battery hasn’t gone flat. It hasn’t so down with the roof! And off we go.


I burn down the road, at a pace that can only be achieved on the M6 in rush hour.


And before you know it I’m here.


Here to find out my work dude Jon Pugh has given up after twenty years of putting up with my endless questions on nothingness and pumps. I will truly miss him, we have had good times, both professionally and outside the work area.


Its not the only surprise I get today, Npower have contacted me again today by email. Hell I sent the email over a month ago! Reply now with nothing more than we have complained to ourselves for you on our behalf! Madness in the world doesn’t just reign at my own workplace then?


And so the day ends. I tidy and clean my desk and say goodbye to it for a while, will the 3D cad machine appear any time soon?

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