Friday, July 03, 2015

Glove Pond


When I wake up this morning I’ve decided that although I may not read on the train today, it would be nice to have choice. I look at my bookshelves and ponder what I should read. What? I thumb a few covers, and let my fingers wander over the spines gently waiting for my mind to say yes.


In the end I choose, yes that's right 


Another most likely depressing Douglas Coupland volume. We will see.


As it happens I did read some and yes Glove Pond is depressing. Something to do with Staples, well working there. I’m not sure it was a wise choice. Mean while I note the train has done a new top speed of 67mph. Amazing!


At home I’m glad to see the milk man has been retrained. I thought it may have been harder than that.


My brother came down and he has been good to me. Not only has he brought me season 4 ready to watch.


But also season 3, which he is watching at the moment, or as it happens he has stopped watching at present for something else. I can see I’m going to be very busy this weekend!


We go out for tea, my brother has no preference where to go, so I take us to Balti heaven Chadsmoor. So many choices, but eventually we return to indulge.


The poppadum's come, along with their wonderful chilli sauce.


And the beer, well we had just brought plenty of beer from the shop down the road.


The starters came and they were wonderful. Truly, wonderful.


That's what I like here, the taste. It tastes of something of here.


And the garlic chicken chilli main I had was top notch. and then the bill came.


Well that can’t be right? I can see they’ve given us a discount on the starter, yep. But that still doesn't add up. I work it out myself to £27, and leave sufficient money on the table. The man collects and I let him know he has added it up wrong. He looks most confused, and as we leave he rushes over and says thankyou very much. I smile, the dinner was great and there was no need to short change anyone for anything when it’s this good. We walk, meander, wander and maybe even walk slightly straight for a small amount of time back home. My belly is full, it is dark and I am tired.

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