Tuesday, July 14, 2015

His Name Is In The Credits


I get up and look at my Birthday cards. Today is the day.


The day I take them down, and put them away. And today I go on an adventure.


I head into the kitchen and look into the garden like I do most mornings. My sunflowers are doing well. Well, these ones are. I did plant an awful lot of them, without any action happening.


These are about to bloom.  That will be nice. I have breakfast, put my work clothes on and pick up my bag and then head to the station.


I have left the Gum Thief behind and brought my blue rucksack with me. Today though the train is late. Very late 08:09. Will I make the connecting train? Will I? This could be tight for a change?


I sit facing forwards like I like to. In front there is a girl, transfixed to her phone and looking unhappy. I know Zoe would not approve but I feel the need, the need of another soul to put in my pie. Snap, I mean my phone was so close to her how could they not notice?


Her neck lace to me it read "Birmingham Getaway Project". I look twice. No it doesn’t


Without the Glove Pond I plug in my own digital device and put Google play on my Google phone. An apt song but train of the day is running late! Will we get train two?


I get off a Walsall and the train has somehow got here before train two.


Yep I got chu chu two. I sit back and relax ready for the day ahead at work.


Nothing exciting happens at work. And the day flies by to home time, When i get a lot of, have you not gone for your train? Nope I’m heading South before I head north tonight I reply and then catch the 17:09 train to New Street – now also known as Grand Central! I get on the train with Louis and Paul and we have a natter about Plymouth before the train pulls in and we all split. I head into boots and get my tea, where the girl at the desk tells me to get another drink and snack and it will only cost 4 pence more. Then amongst the maze of building works I try to find a train information board. Awaiting chu chu four of the day and it is due on platform 4B. I head down to find at platform 4 there are 3 trains already sitting there, so they are never going to get my train into 4B for a while. So I go and sit watching the board and awaiting a change of platform. Eventually the board changes two train has arrived!


I dash to find coach D where I’m meant to have a seat. There are loads of people trying to get on, and even more already on. I find my seat next to a lass and relax. So now on train four to Stafford, which is also in fact train five! The girl sitting across from “us” as in the picture is telling her life story to the person next to her, and the rest of the carriage. She’s one of those. If she actually stopped and listened to what she was saying, she probably would be a lot quieter.


I sit back and listen to her story, and consider that perhaps she is not in the real world, and how busy the train is.


At Stafford I’m now on train five, I haven't got off but I have different seat. In fact its not even the seat I’m booked in. Its the seat that girl was sitting in, and I moved for two reasons. One my second ticket had a different seat and


I wanted more space to eat my dinner in comfort.


From Stafford the train goes to Stoke and then from Stoke it really shifts at pace, whizzing through the country side.


I slurp my drink and as I do so the train pulls into


Stockport. Time to pack my stuff up then and


find my ticket out.


Eight minutes later I see the familiar sight of the city ahead.


Here I disembark, and now time is of the essence.


For it is 19:35 and so I head out onto the streets of Manchester and head towards the Town Hall.


The air is city warm, summer warm, and its a lovely walk through the streets


Eventually I’m here, at the square I recognise although everytime I come here it is dressed differently.


I  find the place I’m looking for just in time, for it is just before 8pm and I know I’m here, for it has the


the gold locks of hair above it as reported in the Metro, the source of all my information.


I head into the Chop Shop and show my ticket asking if there is still time for a beer. I’m directed up the stairs and advised


there is a bar upstairs sir and there is plenty of time for beer and yes your name is on the list and they cross me out.


As it happens they were right about the beer.


I swan around the large room and consider…..


were they expecting more people to attend?


Perhaps not, as we are called through.


I sit down and await the performance of a life time. I hoping the story that fascinates me so much to be brought to life.


Which I get, one  is not disappointed, by the actors, the acting, the dialogue, or the humour throughout, which is set off so much by the serving girl Jess Lee, an important role which without I feel sure this would not work quiet like it does.


I leave with a smug smile on my face and a dance in my brain where the dormant cells have burst into active spontaneous random movements I would like to Blame Alan Jones for this adventure, for it is him who poked my to buy the DVD, but why would you buy a DVD if you can see it live and I’m glad you did so I could do something different for an evening, to make my left brain wake up and enjoy the differentness to the mundane normalness of it all, I so have made it so. The only things that could be better than this would be to eat a whole tub of Mackies Ice Cream to myself.


I go in search of a supermarket remembering there is a Sainsbury's opposite the theatre near the Thirsty Scholar.


However I decide to have a beer in the toilet ;)


I relax and take in all the posters that are on display here. I’ve not been in here since Tit’s In Space.


Eventually though it is time to wander the night air and head towards the station.


I enjoy climbing trees, but falling out of them like last Sunday hurts.


I take a look at the information board, my train is in and so I head off to the platform.


Here it is the train to take me back, back to the future.....


I climb aboard the my designated coach, erm it looks like I'll be traveling alone....


Did I ever mention I love traveling by chu chu, this was so much fun :)


As the train pulls away, Google informs me it is the last train home.


It whizzes down the line, a quick stop at Stockport and then at Macclesfield. What does that sign say?


Just when do you take a sign down or change it? At somepoint the conductor comes to check my ticket, apparently my ticket isn’t a ticket it a seat reservation for a seat I’m not even sat at. But there was so many choices, I just sat here. He says he will be back and I need to find part one of the two part ticket of the 16 tickets I have. When he comes back I have found three more in my wallet. And here on starts a conversation of a man who had nearly a hundred tickets on him and eventually they found the right one eventually, and he pondered why people keep all there tickets. Only I pointed out that the tickets I had spread out infront of me were for the journeys of today only. Oh he said and looked surprised. So I had some company for bit, but eventually he left me when we got to Stoke.


There is nothing like being on a whizzing train and soon train six stops at Stafford. I could stay on and be on train seven to eight. But I decide to get off here instead.


I call my brother and leave the station.


He comes and collects me and the rest of the journey is done in an MX5, and is going to take an hour less than if I continued by chu chu.


When I get home I bin my ticket collection, take my clothes off and


and lie in bed, I happy, I’ve had an adventure, I’ve got to do something like this again, something that may seem stupid, something, that may seem pointless, something that my be fun. And with that I reopen the program and give it a read.


Look at that, His name is in the Credits!


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