Wednesday, July 01, 2015

I Blame Alan


I’m on the chu chu. No book today. Just me and


my walkman. I decide to listen to something on the Google cloud service. What would it be that is happy and smiley?


Yeah Tellyman. Great, brill, super.


I leave work as usual, rush to the station and wait. And wait, and then get so despondent when I check the London Midland app. It says Missed connection, but what it really means is we have cancelled the trains. Not a single train comes until 17:30. Then that's a Lichfield City train. The next though is mine. Late enough to mean that I have missed my next connecting train. Tonight I will be getting home late.


When I do get home I have a tinker with my solar set batteries, and notice my maintenance free battery isn’t charging. I take off the stickers and put some idolised water in. Erm it needs plenty by the looks of it. So much for maintenance free then. I head off to Asda to get some. And we all know what happens then. Yeah I come back with more than I bargained for. I get four bottles of weed killer, some ice cream, that I blame Alan for, a large deionised water, a funnel, a shower curtain, as in a spare one as it was half price and a second tooth brush container, just in case of???


By the time I get home The Prodigy’s The Day Is My Enemy has finally appeared on the Google cloud service for me.


Back at my house is is a mere 29.5 Deg C. I do what Chris Evens recommended this morning and opened the loft hatch. It made no immediate difference, perhaps it will later?


After using the weed killer on the drive and the pea shingle, I top up the maintenance free battery. It would amazingly appear that the larger container of deionised water was just enough. No wonder the battery would not recharge!


I sit down in the garden with a beer, of sorts, some pork pie and that ice cream.


As it happens I eat the lot, the whole tub. I once more blame Alan.


In the warmth I write my blog, well I’m trying to catch up!


Slowly the fairy lights come on. This is nice.


Yeah, at last I’m enjoying them.


They look so good.


So very very good.

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