Monday, July 13, 2015

I Do Despair!


I sitting there and then it occurs to me, just as we finish the chapter, is this where Glove Pond finally takes off. Is it now the story will unfold? And just when you are relaxing you feel your phone vigorously rubbing against your leg


I have won a bookcase. Yay. I call my dad to see if he will collect me direct from the station tonight so we can get it before he goes out as I know he is planning to do so.


I get it home and consider it £6 well spent. Now what am I going to do with it?


Using the sat nav killed the battery so I thought.


I will try the new battery recharging pack and plug my phone in.


Mean time in the background I have selly telly on. I look.


I ponder and I consider the two tubs of Ronseal that have been in the tardis cupboard for evermore.


Whilst on the web I decide I ought to check out the NPower situation. They seem very keen lately to keep me up to date with very little. As in they keep sending me emails about my account but still I can’t pay. One of the latest ones tells me my gas account has changed to electricity and gas. I look at the app info in disbelief.


And then on the web. I do despair! Thankgod I’m dealing with one of the larger and more professional companies.


Some time later and the phone is charged.


And I have also emptied the cupboard that was here. Moved it to the garage for storage, put this one in place and


put everything in it.


So some time to watch Breaking Bad thankgod!

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