Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I don’t feel like this


I get up, I don’t feel like I should, and when I look out of the window


I don’t feel like this.


I make my dinner and then leave for work in the car. I’m having a car week. Its not worth getting the train. And at work I eat  my salad box!


When I do get home, I'm expecting my parents round, only they don't appear, so I go to the garage and get a box out, that my dad  brought round, only to find my house being steam cleaned. I get out the screw drivers and


Take off the cardboard wrapping to reveal the wood structure inside.


I get out some essential other tools and as if by magic


within a couple of minutes it is built. The thing is I don’t know where to put it!


I try many places but in the end I move the table and chairs and put it where I wanted one originally.


And with that the parents come round and a different project is started.


One of the hand rails for the stairs gets fitted. But there is a point where I am so so tired.


What is worse is I’m actually still very, very tired. I finish up at 23:30 and put my tea in the oven. I eat it and I’m in bed before my parents have even left!

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