Monday, July 27, 2015

Leave No Trace


I didn’t want to get up, after all I hadn’t slept much. The on-going saga of next door and at one point his friends going to the car because he had brought in loads of mud into the tent to make it unbelievable in. And then him saying your never coming back are you? Your leaving me here. And no we will be back. And its your own fault what have you took now look at you your in a right mess, just like the tent. But I new I had to pack and get the tent down.


so I got the bags packed, I got the tent down and I took my stuff to the car in two journeys and return for Alan and Zoe, who were now all packed up. We collected some rubbish for the rubbish bonds and I search the empty tents for anything that may be useful. So, so, so many tents left abandoned due to the weather. And I mean not just cheap ones either. If you had the time you could take home a really nice tent.


As we leave,


I look back and I’m proud to be able to say leave no trace. Where we are is how we found it, only a little damper.


A walk to our cars and a quick pack it all session and


we get in.


That’s it then the end of a very wet Secret Garden Party.


And out of the field I follow an MX5. Not the ideal car for driving in muddy fields.


But lovely for a warm sunny day, in a car queue.


As I admire all the footprints on the external wall where people had jumped the high fence, we slowly plodded along.


To a tranquil watermill.


where we had a spot of lunch.


enjoyed the scenery


the wildlife


and it was time to say our goodbyes. it was good, it could have been better. But the two who love the wettness of Kendall calling kept the spirits up and I had a goodtime.


And so I climb in my motor and hit light speed.


Back home i had a tour of Benway’s games room. Look at that, there’s a TRS80 to the right of the Dragon32!

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