Saturday, July 04, 2015

My its warm


I wake up in the front room, as I have slept in the back room all week.


i find my brother down stairs and consider if I should take my birthday cards down yet.


He is playing on the PS4 and asks why I played so many games before I went to bed. To be frank I do not remember playing the games, oh but I did, yes. And this one I didn’t understand.


i start cooking breakfast and then look up and


think of doing it in a different manner.


I butter up the metal plates and place a piece of bread on.


I fill the bread and then place a second one on top before closing.


Then trimming the bread and then turning up the gas.


I flick it over and check if it golden brown or not.


And then serve, what will he think?


You see, breakfast in a pie!


Yes that filling is going to be hot,


Bacon and Mexican chilli cheese.




I get on with doing me one too.


I’m hungry and can’t wait.




One thing to remember though, don’t touch the metal parts, they are hot!


And this process appears to be very messy.


I’m considering cutting the lawn, and then the door bell rings.


It my parents, my dad is dropping my mom around and my dad informs me that the new speed camera is now fitted outside my house. Erm, I better let Matt know.


We head into the centre of Cannock and do some shopping. Where amongst other things I get two pairs of new trainers, mainly as my blue Air walks have fallen apart. I liked them so much, but I did get them abused I guess.


So  along with some white ones I got these blue ones to replace them.


My mom is very agitated for the most of it, and is eager to go to Dunlem. So we get in the car and drive to there and also the BIG Iceland centre they have there now.


When home I put the items away and then put some tin foil on the ends of the bananas. This is something I’ve seen on the web in the week. Will it work?


Once back home it would appear that it is not my router that is the problem but BT’s Broad band. I ponder if the workmen putting the speed camera in have done some damage? I have another surprise to come though.


Whilst my dad was here he has plumbed in the outside water line, leaving me with the actual tap to install outside. I get my drill out and screws and soon after it is fitted. I connect the hose and get the watering can. I turn the tap and think erm the walls are warm but so are the tap and water. And then the water starts to steam and I think oh bum, he’s connected it to the hot water line! Well the garden does get watered. I just have to remember to turn the boiler off first each time. What I could do with now is a hose!


I settle in the night in the garden and do some weeding. I was only going to do a small section, but as it happens I did it all apart from the end, where I planted some meadow seeds, and just turned the soil- whilst at the same time taking some weeds out. In place though it wasn’t the weeds that were the issue. I think they call this extreme weeding! House bricks and concrete and roofing felt! By the time I finish it is dark.


I get a can of larger and the bathroom shelf I brought a Home Bargains earlier. Now how do I put this together, ah like this. now where’s that drill?

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