Wednesday, July 29, 2015

No more DIY


I get home and I’m seriously looking forward to tea from the chips shops and then relaxing and an early bed time reading Glove Pond. As it happens I get my tea from the chip shop across the road. They are obviously looking at getting more punters in as they have a new lass in there serving. Well when I say serving, they are trying to train her, but they are finding her hard to train. She is though good eye candy. They cook me a fresh Haddock. This takes a while and I’m happy to hang around and have a chat for 15 minutes. When I get back back to my house I enjoy the enormous meal. I’m finished when I see my parents car pull up. Hi I say, and my dad says he’s come to help do the other two hand rails. Hell no, not tonight, I’m going to bed. But does that happen! Does it heck. I spend 3 hours in the garden, gardening with my mom. It was most enjoyable.

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