Thursday, July 30, 2015

Operation Tileless


Tonight I’m meant to mow the lawn, but just before that I actually forget. Instead I star at the door latch on the bathroom door, and decide to fix it. No more locking people in there then!


And whilst at the bathroom floor I look at the floor. Knowing what is hidden beneath needs dealing with more now than all the way back then. I lift it up and consider it may need a period of drying.


I get the yukky vinyl out, wet and brown and smelly, and I’m left with tiles from god knows which era and scree that has gone weird, Very weird.


I get the floor on the drive and bleach it over, give it a good brushing and leave it.


Back indoors I get the tiles off leaving the wet, yuky, wet, yukky adhesive stuff.


Out with the Wilko plaster scraper and out with more bleach and more scrubbing and then drying. Sometimes later the floor is good once more!


Back tot vinyl I do what I can with it with more bleach, more scrubbing, and more sweat!


Eventually its all clean enough and dry enough to go back in. Operation bathroom floor part one is complete and now to the mower.


I have kind of let it grow this week so I could do it tonight. There is a reason. And if you knew it would be obvious. Up and down and up and down. You get the picture.


Of course to do all that up down movement I had to move the table so I move it to the desert side of the garden.


It may well help the plants and grass there. Now time to make some tea as I’m hungry.


A fire alarm sound later, yes I set it off again, I’m sitting in the back garden enjoying a pasta dish with Buddha.


I admire my lights.


And consider it is time for bed.

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