Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Paid By The Day?


I’m not really sure this book is as funny as its made out to be. In fact I can’t see any humour in it at all. Maybe it is too close to my own life? Maybe.


I go via the subway today so that I can fill Alan in with how the “Cannock Art Gallery” is coming along. So here you go. Its been a while since I’ve been down here, I mean really it should have been finished by now surely?


But of course its not. One can only believe that the council has decided to pay them by the day and that means something like 10 tiles go up a day.


and there’s plenty more tiling to do!


On the positive side of things, I like what they are trying to achieve here. When its finished its going to look good. And its certainly going to drive more customers to Morrison's. Perhaps they are thinking of buying up the Morrison's building and making a Cannock Art Gallery. Perhaps? Perhaps not.


When I get home i have two packages. The Evil Within for the PS4 and


a hose reel for the hose reel. I open it up and consider myself lucky. somehow I’ve managed to but the cheapest and nastiest hose reel, China could supply. I fix it together and when I mean fix it together I mean I get the glue out because the plastic clips are useless. I mean in a way its a great design, brilliant, but its not right and in manufactured well enough.


I water the garden, well I might as well as I have to unravel the hose to wind it onto the hose reel without kinking it. And then as I watch across the garden I notice my visitor has become a regular.


and is now nesting in the tree next door.

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