Thursday, July 09, 2015

Playing Snap


I ask the fairy if I should take my birthday cards down yet. and the answer was no. so  left them up.


Its odd how books are so compulsive once you get going, and how some are not. People leave in so many different ways. People go nuts. They abandon you. they stop liking you. They get lost in their own worlds and never come back. Or they simply give up. and yes they die.


at Walsall I go and find the ticket machine.


When I get there, there is no queue.


I put my details into the machine to collect them, the the credit card I didn’t use to confirm I am who I am. An interesting prospect but it accepted it anyway. Not that I would be charged were the instructions.


The destination points come up and


the machine starts printing.


By the time the printing had finished there was a queue. Did I really need so many tickets? Perhaps I can play snap.


As I put away my tickets in a safe place, I wonder why, and how long I will keep my old season tickets for? Why do we keep them?


I wait for train two, and consider that this HSBC advert may well be illegal!


Anyway today I putting the phone battery to its paces to see how it will do.


by the time it is to travel home and been listening to streaming it is doing well without a midday charge.


So was it worth changing the battery? And should I have brought the only 3000mah one for £24 instead of a £10 2300mAh one that is readily available? I probably should have done.

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