Monday, July 20, 2015

Some things Never Change


Today I go to work in the car. My train pass has run out yesterday and its not worth renewing at the moment. IMG_20150720_081313

When I hot the M6 I consider that something's never change. And that I’m not finishing off glove pond!


Come home time I get in my car and


Remember why I want to rad Glove Pond!


I get a can of Deluxe Daffodil White Back at home I park my car on the road for change. Notably I’m the only one who does actually park on the road.


And then I use that can of paint. Well that's what it was for!


I put the mirror up and the curtain pole and the net curtain and think to myself, what am I going to do now that I have nothing to watch?


I check the latest update email from Npower. OOOhh it looking promising. The electricity reading has appeared!


I tidy up, have some late tea and go to bed!

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