Sunday, July 12, 2015

Some Trees You Fall Out Of


I get up and wash that smoke off.


I smell better, feel better, look better.


I get out my Phatnoise system and startup dating it and putting on some of the new albums on the harddrive.


Eventually I headed round my parents. My mom want some new fairy lights putting up. And I thought the best place would be the tree that has loads of lights in but most of them had stopped working. I took the all the old ones out. And then set about putting the new ones in. I put them high up the pear tree, standing on top of a bar stool. Suddenly though, something was wrong. I was no long stable on my feet. My legs were in two different places, then the stool was no longer there, my arms were gripping for air like a cartoon. ARRGGHHHH I feel to the ground. It may not seem to have been very high but the fall hurt, I bounced around and was bruised, internally. Eventually I get up, and ache. I finish the lights off and look at the stool which is now in two parts. The actual stool seat had split in two!


I relax for the rest of the night, my brother hands over something, which is a surprise and eventually I go home.


Yep it looks like life is still on hold.

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