Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Steam Clean


As if the house wasn’t clean enough already, I get a call on the way home on Wednesday night to say my parents have something for me and want to come round in about half an hour. When I get home my dads car is already there parked across my driveway entrance! I dump the car in the middle of the road with horns paping and head into the house and start to tell him off when I look around at the steam. And wetness everywhere. “What's going on hear?” Looks like you’ve had a hot water pipe leak, in the bathroom. Everything is steamy, the ceilings are dripping, and the floor is wet. The water is turned off, the boiler too now. It would appear one of the flexi pipes has burst under the sink. The clean up starts and I text Alan and Zoe to bring their wellies! I look at the time, can the mess be cleaned up quick enough. The bathroom is dried and I got under the sink to get the pipe off. My dad checks it and disappears to screw fix promptly. Mean while the mop comes out, the ceilings are mopped dry, the new pipe comes and my dad goes off to get the Bissell to suck dry the floors. Luckily the humidity fan had come on. Once nearly cleaned I leave my parents to it to go to Tesco for a wad of cash and a loaf. By the time I’m back Alan and Zoe are already in the house. I’ve not even packed yet!


Once things are back to normalish, the bathroom floor is somewhat worryingly warm under foot, and I tell Zoe not to lift the vinyl up. She plays on the PS4 and Alan ask if he can order a curry. “Have not already eaten like you said you were going to?” He looks at me and says “I’m hungry”. I know what he means, “Right well I’ve had no tea either so here use this”, and we order from Indulgence. About an hour later the door is knocked. The food is hear and as I take it out the bag I ask Alan just how much did you order? There’s a fest in here. He looks and says your right I didn’t order all this. And so we ate, we drank, we played and eventually we went to sleep.

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