Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Biggest Pyramid


I wake up this morning and there is a parcel through the door already. It is from Amazon and it is the Social Network, Ya something to watch tomorrow.


On the train I enjoy The Day Is My Enemy. Well I enjoy it but the person sitting next to me probably isn’t. They are probably thinking I’m going to kill him if he doesn’t turn it down. I want to sing the words out aloud, but I’m sure that would get me kicked off whilst the train is still moving.


At work the picture of the day is one of my very favourites.


Me doing a very, very, very steep run, on a nitro suprateam.


Back on the train on the way home and I’m enjoying


yes more of this!


Whilst Via twitter Zoe is recommending that I shouldn’t be taking photos of people like this.


When I get home my parents come round. They come round to deliver more parcels. I must stop buying stuff! What has come now is a white box. So I get my drill out again and decide on a position.


I give the instructions a read. Ohhh it also locks!


A while later and it is fixed into position.


So this wasn’t cheap, some £25, so I’m hoping the milkman can be retrained to use it. And I hope it keeps the milk less warm!


All that cosy insulation. I leave an empty milk bottle outside it and write a nice note to the milk man. Lets see what happens.


Having spoken to Matt, as in the Stockport one, he makes me feel bad about the state of my floors. In particular the kitchen one. So I clean the bathroom.


Then I give the kitchen one a deep clean. Wow it looks good now.


And then I vacuum all round, up and down.


And with that I remember this morning.


There are not many movies which make it to my Bluray collection. It is small and is for the very best films, and while I have already seen this I do not have a copy at all. A great movie, a fantastic love story, and all about a subject that you’d was impossible.


If anything he was bright, too bright, he could do anything, and more to the point, the money didn’t play a part of it. It was never about the money. It was never about getting one over his best friend. That was just a mistake. For we all make mistakes.


It was to produce the worlds biggest pyramid scheme, something so big, but solely for one reason only. The problem with pyramid schemes though is you take a base card out of the pyramid it is likely those surrounding it will go too. And before you know it. The pyramid is no more.


How long will it take one wonders as the credits roll and I place the disc in it mystical places of magical stories never to be believe or told in there complete entirety ever again.

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