Saturday, July 18, 2015

Turning Green Once More


Today I’m having a day with my mom. And when she comes round my dad has brought with them her buggie. We set it up and then head off down the street. Now its been a while since we have used this or her wheel chair but I forgot how much of a pain it is when people park on the pavements. Dodging the vehicles. Of course it can be tight for an able bodied person but someone who can’t see one side, is asking to them to scratch their vehicles. I recall the memory of street where she still live where everyone persistently parks on the pavement and I had to wheel her down the middle of the street. Enough rambling, we head to the Sue Ryder Center and then though the park i have not walked though for a while. The sun is out the air is fresh and my mom scuttles away!


Eventually we scuttle into the town center where they are having a Fringe Festival of a difference. They are having the smallest fringe festival possible. They have converter the band stand into a stage. Apparently anyone can book a slot.


We stop and watch the excellent music that was being played in the sun.


Before we head off and do some shopping. We go to Home Bargains, we go to the market, we walk the garden store and then head for


Pound Land. As we walk around I leave my mom on her own, and shortly I hear a crash and bang. I look around and on the floor are many many many many boxes of biscuits that had been stacked in the isle, to which my mom had knocked into and made a big mess. Not a small one, no a big one. She looked terrified by the incident, to which a member of staff came across and scowled and started clearing the mess. As they say pile it high, sell it cheap. We leave after paying for the goods we want, not broken biscuits!


We head for some dinner but I am corrected.


The smallest Fringe Festival has two stages, the other band stand at the opposite end of the street! We watch for a bit and then decide to have dinner at the Merchant and sit outside so we can listen to the music.


Of course my mom said it was all too loud and hence we left the street life, sun and enjoyment of the moment to be indoors. I park the buggie up and remove the key. Head in an make an order for table 8.


I go for the inferno burger, which when it comes, I have to ponder how am I going to get that in my mouth. Of course we all know I do manage it!


When we leave I say I want to check out the barbers around the corner as my mop needs tidying up.


There is no queue so I sit down and get ready.


sometime later and £6:50 less in the pocket


It’s all tidied up. We do some clothes shopping for my mom and then head to my home. My dad has been round once and we were not there. Which when we get there he is not. But noticeably my kettle lid is now broken! The buggie gets packed up and they head off – no mention of the kettle, and hey I don’t drink coffee!


I sit in the garden and as the weather is nice I decide that maybe it is time to get the cupronol out and the new toy, that will let me paint interior walls, ceilings, floors, exterior wall and fences.


I get our all the bits and there’s more to it than I thought.


Well here goes. I start with the smallest fence panel at the furthest end of the garden. Switch on and cover the panel in the green stuff. I ponder and consider I have been conned. This isn’t like they did it on the telly. I alter the settings and blow more air and use less solution. Oh wow, this is good afterall, and direct. I do one panel, then another of the dead fence that should be condemned. As  I work up the fence I thought it might be best to go and knock the neighbours door tat I never talk to to ensure they don’t have any washing out. not that I don’t want to talk to them, they’re isn't not around. I know I’m a scary looking character at the best of times.


Well it took the two tubs to do 13 panels and one gate.



An amount that I would not have been able to achieve with hand brushing.


And only two hours to do them all in, which again with a brush would never of happened.


What an unbelievable difference it has made. I’m sure come the morning it will need another coat, but wow. I was shocked. I wonder how good it is on internal walls then?


I tidy up and now have two more tubs to keep in the garage for future use!


I need to do this table and chairs. And sit thinking about it and if I could stretch to do V.C. or V.T. this year?


I notice my sunflowers have now started flowering.


Wild colour at last!


I wonder why the other 1000 did not grow?


And with all that excitement over I return to watching Breaking Bad the 6th series in a marathon of I’m going to finish it this weekend.


Of course my eyelids have a different agenda!

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