Tuesday, July 07, 2015



Someone he likes reading more than me, they must do, they haven't even got comfy on the train. Personally though I don’t like taking the chance of my book getting wet.


And once I’m in a cosy seat I open my book and enjoy the words, although as per the last book, not so much the story, again, there doesn’t appear to be one yet.


At work, I look in my draw for something and find that dam battery charger pack. Can you believe it was here. Here all along?! Hidden at the bottom with my sat nav stuff. Well my new one hasn’t come yet, and you can never get enough charge.


Which is lucky really, as when I get home there is a small package in the letter box and milk in the milk box. I open the Amazon package. It is a new battery for the Nexus 5.


And so I get my screw drivers out and take the back of the telephone off.


Then I unscrew the top cover and remove it. And then remove the two ribbon strip connectors.


Then I prise out the battery that is stuck in place.


I put the new one in place, and push the connectors back on. Is this too easy or what?


I screw the top plate on.


Fit the back on and think will it work? Will it need charging first/


Wow look at that, it powers up. Now will this be an improvement? I put the phone on charge as per the instructions and make some tea.


With my screw drivers out still I take apart server number one and repair it. A pain in the arse to get it working again, but she is running once more. I can get my hacking software up and running again. I decide to also put a spider in the network and get the whole place buzzing and twinkling with lights.


and finally I get the XP laptop functioning, get the Phatnoise up to date and realise how dark it is. Is there time to get a couple of Episodes of Breaking Bad in? Yes there is and to have a bath too.

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