Saturday, July 11, 2015

Well Its Sunny


I get up and decide to do something to the house. I decide to fix the above the front door panel. And once that is completed I decide to look at the sealing strips on the front double glazing windows, and I pull them off. What do I find? I find brick and a large open cavity. I ponder if I also fill the cavity between the window frame and brick if it would block more noise out. Afterall these aren’t the quietest noise blockers I’ve ever know. This also pulls the paint off so now I need some gloss paint and some sealant, plenty of sealant.


I head out to Wilkos where the check out girl looks at all the sealant and paint and says “hell the weathers nice who wants to be out in the sun when you can be indoors painting and what ever”. I head home and get the job done.


I get a parcel through the door. It is that solar charger I’ve had on order for a long time now.


And according to the LEDS it is already charging in the sun.


I’m not sure who wrote the blurped on the back but it sure doesn’t sound correct. So will this be any good?


I make the retro room into a bedroom.


And soon enough Les turns up. We head out to the tip and then the butchers, followed by Aldi and the Jet petrol station for some logs.


We sit out in the garden, have a beer and light a fire.


The BBQ is lite


And I get out the Cornish Apple Cider of Heligan. It is nice too.


They both try to use all the logs whilst it is still day time and warm, they’re a brainy pair.


And with that I pour some more cider.


Whatever it is they are talking about it is serous stuff.


To the point they are Googling it.


Ah the BBQ charcoal is ready to cook on.


And so the meat products go on.


Life is better with a Brazilian


And yep where the fire is it is warm, for the air has gone cold.


For some reason he’s not feeling the heat.


An so I get out the Martini.


It says something but I’m not sure what.


The night draws in and I’m tired. We are all tired, we all smell of smoke. And so the night ends.

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