Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Can You Hear Me?


I look at my Olive Tree. Hope she has settle in well.


And as I’ve finished the Gum Thief it’s time to pick a new book.


In fact I choose the new book I got the other day. In fact I’m excited about reading this. I put it in my bag and head off to the station.


As I’m walking there I notice a sign. Cash 4 shoes. Noted if I get desperate.


I stand where I always stand enjoying the warmth of the morning sun.


I get on with reading the book when I swap trains.


So this is it. This is where I get to learn about Felicia Day.


Well I think its says it all. I think she has got it covered. I think I going to enjoy this world of hers, and off we go on her trip.


Oddly on the way to work it was so nice. But now on the way back it is not!


Well not in Walsall. I go to the shelter and keep on reading. I might be addicted already.


On the way home I see a sign. Noted if I get desperate I can go around not only shoeless but also naked.


At home I’m glad I’m indoors.


And this gave me time to work out it there was something wrong with my Nexus 5’s mic as people said they could not hear me well. As it happens there was an answer. Take the phone apart and put some tape behind the main plug. This should cure the problem.


And you know what it does. Can You Hear Me? Yes it can.

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