Saturday, August 29, 2015

Doing Nothing


Wow what a stunning picture I wake up to. I kind of have nothing to do, but I do, but as I got in late I get up late. Well early enough to see mid day. And the first couple of hours are spent searching for home insurance. Until I loose interest.


I take the opportunity of doing nothing, to spend some time with my mom and take her out. The weather is good, so we leave the car at home.


And as usual able people make disable peoples lives harder. Whilst I do it myself at times some “dicks who park on pavements” came back to my mind and reminds me not to do it. My mom was concerned by I said my statement “don’t worry about scratching it, they didn’t.”


We go to Iceland and Wilko’s and also the barbers. Like the pubs here the barbers are cheaper than the rest of the world too, only £6.50 and no queue here today. Apparently she only works 3 days a week. And tat is apparently enough for her!


By the time I have balance half the bags on the scooter and two in my hand my dad is sorting out the hand rail issue and has bonded some wood inside the wall.


This is old style plaster with lattice behind just to be a pain.


The parents leave and with nothing to do again I get out the metal paint I brought at Wilko and


Painted the front fence.


My that is better.


After that I thought I’d relax for a while in the garden and admire the plants.


My garden makes me smile. It may not be the best garden in the world but it is real nice.


I settle down and watch some of The Guild on You Tube.


It is good. I think I’m addict.


And after closing my eyes for ten minutes, I leave the retro room and go to bed.

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