Friday, August 28, 2015

Goodbye Mr Pugh



It may look like nothing has changed but it has.


I’m not wearing my school uniform and I’ve not brought my bag with me.


and today I have nothing to read on the train. And that feels odd.


I check where my snowboard bindings have got to in the USA. erm.


And then I read the Metro. I haven't read a paper for some time. In fact I have no idea what is going on in the world. And it would appear I’ve missed an online shooting. Shucks.


Some people say let the immigrants in. I want boarder controls. You can come and you can go, just like me, but I’d rather someone somewhere new where I was, why I was there and when I left, for a whole host of freedom reasons.


Oh and look at that, A Celebrity Big Brother is on TV, finally something to watch on the box that is decent should I think of turning it on.


Well that read was over quicker than I wanted, but then that's the end of the chu chu ride.


For dinner this week we go to Dixy Chicken, wow its so much cheaper than Kentucky Fried Chicken and it appears to be just a good food. One day I will find a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant that has good service staff….one day maybe.


Home time comes quicker than you can imagine, but tonight we are not going home, tonight we are going to the Swan and Mitre. Tonight it is time to say goodbye to my work College of 20 years and a bit. And so its a fair few pints down in the Swan before we all go to the Wing Wah for all you can eat tea. And some more beers of course.


The original plan was to go into town afterwards,


but we all ate so much nobody could move. So we didn’t, eventually Nancy collected Jon and had a surprise of seeing me. And so it was time to say farewell, but not goodbye. Hopefully our paths will cross again.


I made my way back tot the station and had some time to the next train, so I tried to get back in the Swan and Mitre which had its usual Friday night disco going, but the door was locked. Instead I went to the station and talked to some merry strangers, who in the end got fed up with waiting for the ever delayed train, and asked if  would call them a taxi. I questioned their reasoning as the train was coming in 3 minutes, and would have them to Perry Bar in a couple. But they seemed to have given in with the train system. The train though did come after they had gone.


And at some point I got home, took the milk in and I realised I was slight more merry than I thought I was.

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