Saturday, August 01, 2015

Heading To the Sky


I get up and finish that packing, all the essentials. Personally I think I have done a good job of taking too much as usual. And as usual my parents are late.


Not just a little late, a lot late. It gives me time though to enjoy the sun,


And my garden.


I review our plan for the week ahead as I sit on the bench. Hold on is that them I finally get to ask myself.


It is and I say goodbye to my place and load my stuff into the car.


After an initially short distance, the M6 as usually heading north through Stoke and onto Manchester is its grim self.


See, and you would think that this isn’t so bead. but it was.


it got really wet too.


As we pass Manchester the situation gets better and the road clears up.


which makes driving pleasant. We stop at T-Bay services and meet my brother and Les, whom have been here some time. they greet us with a burger each, apparent the last beginning cooked on the BBQ grill outside, so we are lucky to get them.


From here on there are blue skies for a bit, the feeling of adventure and begins to build.


There is a near miss of a crash further north, where someone has ditch a real lush car into the central reservation and whilst I miss it just the car behind sways around as they try to avoid it as well.


Sometime later we are cruising the streets of Glasgow, looking for our hotel.


After going around on ourselves several times, following Les’s tail, we finally park up and check in.


How could we have missed it, and exactly where are we?


Well the place is nice enough.


And so is the  area we are in.


We go for a walk and find out the place is actually in a great position for the centre of Glasgow as well as the immediate area., with a station just round the corner.


It feels like they have tried to represent Australia around here.


I walk my mom and dad back tot he hotel


where we meet my brother and Les in the bar, waiting for us to join them for dinner.


I can’t remember the last time I ate at a Premiere Inn, but here along the riverside the setting was nice.


The food was nice,


and the pudding and service was also nice. Lenny would have been very pleased!


With, that and a fare few beers, it was time to call it a night. And so we closed the curtains on the lit up UFO on the riverside.

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