Friday, August 28, 2015

Hello Nacey


Wonderful to see the garden, every morning, its always a joy.


And off we go to get the train. Not all is as it seems today.


Well it is mufti, and I havn’t brought along my usual bag.


At Walsal I check the progress of those snowboarding bindgings. Well they are roaming the USA.


I read the Metro, what a story.


And at dinner time I head to the Chicken place up the road we have never been to. Is it good? Well its good value for money!


After work its a night out time. We meet in the Mitre and then head for tea at Wing Yipps


Somehow though, we all seem to eat way too much,


to continue the night in town. It’s time to say goodbye to Mr Pugh and as a bonus I get to see Nacey. I havn’t seen her for so, so long. I don’t know but she seems more excited to see me then picking up her bloke!


And with that I head home a lot earlier than I thought I was going to. Probably a good thing.

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