Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I Can See!


The morning start like most mornings, only this morning something different is happening.


It is latter than usual, I get to have a small lie in. On the way to where I’m going I post the Love Film back, what will I get next.


So here I am, and you know what, She recons that she knows best and that they have some better contact lenses than gas permanable ones they told me I should have had before. And so I get tested, and yes I can see! Although I need something to see with. And so they are ordered.


I ponder why all these people on the train havn’t got jobs to be at. Anyway I get a seagt and with that stare into the other world.


I’ve never heard of The Guild. I must check it out?


And then out of the blue the unbeleiveable happens, she has a breakdown, and here it describes pretty much exactly what it is like, the feelings, the impossoblilty of it all, and how the brain protects itself from it ever happening again. I’m not along it looks.


And yes how do you let go of something you don’t want to. And at the End where do you go?


You go where you are happiest, with those you are happeist. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. Sometimes you realise your budget will not stretch far enough. What was I thinking. Ah beans on toast.


Another day another ebay parcel!


And so I need to decide where this will go?


And then I order my first Ebay USA order! Oh my more beans on toast coming up!

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