Wednesday, August 26, 2015

If You Can’t Be Your Own Weird Self On The Internet Where Can you be?


I wake up this morning and there is one thing on my mind. Get out of bed lazy head. No, really its about Felicia Day as it happens.


On the train I sit back and flick though the pages, turning the days of her life with each page.


until I was there, well nearly there.And so I save the last ten pages to the journey home., something to look forward to.


the day passes quick enough and I check out Les’s position, erm looks like he won’t be making it tonight then as I climb on the train.


The few pages left to read got read, is that it, perhaps I want more, if anything I didn’t know where the story would end and in truth for her it hasn’t ended, this is just where she halted writing the book.


I close the book for a moment and then get my pen out. I consider the enjoyment of her writing and the fact that she has made me read a book in just over a week, which for me is an amazing quick turn around. And that after the last three books, this one I like a lot, enjoyed a lot, happily turned the pages and let my mind wander with the words, and visions they created in my head of her life, and the dialogue that sometimes mad me smirk, made me smile and occasionally laugh out loud on the chu chu.


Is she weird? She doesn’t seem that weird to me. Is that weird or am I weird? It really doesn't matter either way, and now I get to watch The Guild, something I didn’t know about, along with a whole lot of other things. Is she that famous then?!? I didn’t realise.


I leave the train and start the walk home, stopping on the way in Morrison's, to get a lettuce and some butter, after the mouldy Clover incident. I was collected shortly after arriving home and we went to the Barns for a birthday meal for my brother. As it happens Les did make it back, Google was lying and by that time he had already left!


Oddly I already felt full, and this made me choose something I wouldn’t have normally chosen, a pasta dish.


And notably my dad’s Jumbo cod was in fact a jumbo cod. Which I would have been jealous of, if it wasn’t for the fact I was full.


As it happened I was so full, I just couldn’t have a pudding. I couldn’t do it!


and with that I went home and to bed. As I closed my eyes with that full belly I considered her most memorable line to me “If you can’t be your own weird self on the internet, where can you be? And What would be the Point?”

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