Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pitch Black Darknesss


Somethings never change. Can you believe it!


And the queue goes on. Well I wont be getting to work early today!


At work I look up the location of where I need to be tommorrow.


And once work is over I swap my cars over, collect my brother and head down the M5. This is how the motorways are meant to be.


We head down the M50 and A449 towards Newprot and finaly Swansea. These is nothing like going somewhere you have never been to in the dark. It actually gets worse. I was using the phone as a sat nav and then, there is no signal. It gets darker!


We head to the farthest point on the west but northern road of Gower and we come to the one and only campsite you do not have to book in advance. Hopefully as its going to be a wet, wet, wet weekend we will get in. We slowly make our way around the campsite to the office, engine being nosiy in the pitch black darknes, and peacful surrounds. As I approach some heads appear at the window of the office. Oh my, are they going to object to us pitching up so late. Nope in fact queit the opposit. They are well interested in what motor I have come in and come and take a look. I tell them I’ve come to get a new hood for it and thought about making it a camping weekend as I’ve never been to gower before. They explain everything to me and where we can camp in the pitch black darkness, and so head over there on tickover. We find a spot and get the stuff out. My brother as always is as useless at getting the tent up, and some else wnaders over to ask if they can help. I tell them a good torch being held would help and they do that and are impressed on how quick I get the red tent up in the dark. Wow they say. We have a chat and she says “just wait until you get up in the morning, you’ll never believe how much a beautiful place you have picked to camp at” And with that she bids me goodnight, whilst I get the air beds out and make a whole lot more noise pumping them up!

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