Sunday, September 20, 2015



I get up early, I’m nervous, I’m excited!


I have some golden balls for breakfast and one large bannana. I hope I can keep it in.


A while later I have picked up some people and we have got to Alton Towers. It is eerily quiet!


Yay we are in and the weather is good!


There are some things here which really scare me.


But this isn’t one of them.


We head to the rides once they open, and for some reason


We get so wet on the log flume that.


We do it again and get even wetter.


It is so dam good I get the number, maybe I’ll get it later.


What do you want to go on next Uncle Nack.


The burger ride sounds good to me.


Of course that is not what they had in mind.


Now this thing does scare me.




I kid you not.


All I can say is they did not scream loud enough


And they are gone!


As in gone! And so I’m lead on by No Fear Teggy!


A while later we are looking at something else.


I’m not so sure.


What do you think Mr Green? Yea I think the same.


Teggy however is asking when do we get on!?!?!?


Sometime later, dizzy and nauseous. We are in the gift shop. It would appear to be their favourite ride.


Hell we spend long enough in there.


If you don’t hurry we will miss the last rain back to the car park and will have to walk.


As it happens.


We missed the last train back to the car park


And had to walk! Ah Life with the Greenies.


And as for 221, well here is the photo! And to sum up my Alton Towers experience with the three Greenie Kids, I’d like to post this picture which speaks the thousand words or so of a most enjoyable day. They wore me out, they spun me out, they dizzied me out, and then left me to die on their couch. Thankyou Mrs Sara Green for tea, it was really nice, and for letting your kids rip me apart. Any time – no longer on your couch but in my own bed by the way

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My God I’ve Drawn Something


i leave the house this morning, in fact I don't, I open the front door to this. This spider (on the left) who has been busy.


doing this! Yep a web right across my front door. eh.


I get in the car on this misty morning and decide to take the route to Coventry that I drove home last night, A5 - M42 to Tamworth and then change to Coventry.


I got to the M42 and then realised that this was a mistake. Google said it was a mistake and it knew best for a change.


By the end of the day I thought “My God I’ve Drawn Something!” and I actually had drawn something. And I don’t actually mean this, yes I did draw some of this, but as the trainer found out, I liked polycarbonate as a material and the PC didn’t really like to draw it. I didn’t take a photo of what I had draw, as I knew he would have thought that would have been weird. This I took during our lunch break.


For all my efforts I get to take this book home and two examples to draw before I return here for more training. I hope I don’t forget what I have learnt over the last two days. There was a tonne of stuff to take in. The course though was great if a little verve racking to start something so big from scratch. One day I will be the best at this, I’m sureWinking smile.


Once I get home, ignoring Google's so called routes I sit back on ebay, check where my snowboard bindings have got to and put on This Is England 88. I was looking for the new series but that is this week coming, not Sunday gone!

Monday, September 07, 2015

The End to the Beginning


I get up, relatively fresh, from sleeping in the backroom. Is the lawn recovering?


For breakfast there is still jelly! I have breakfast


and then set off for Coventry as I’m doing my fundamentals course part one today.


I arrive on the otherside of Coventry on time and ponder the fact it is an easy drive to here, like Thursday. Does this opening up things a bit? Sarah pops down to say hello to me for half an hour before my training course starts.


Many hours latter and with brain fatigue I’m home and tired. A couple of things have come in the post, another dream machine, which I plugg in and test out, erm needs a new backup battery. And so get changing that.


But best of all is a complaints letter from n-power. Noted it is written on the 3rd September and I have 10 days to reply, and it took until the 4th to get here. So if i was someone who worked away from home during the week I would be buggered as they would automatically close the case before I would have time to contact them. Very clever. And have they tried to contact me by phone? I check my phone, no missed calls and no missed messages.


I check the npower info, nope it is correct. And then there is the list of details they wished to discuss during that telephone conversation. Where are those? I don’t know who the actual manager is be they are not doing their job properly are they? Or are they?


I settle down and put Youtube on and set about watching the last season of The Guild.


And before you know it


the story is near its completion and for those who have read Felicia Days book will understand…


it is the end, to the beginning.


Sunday, September 06, 2015

What If It Is All About The Hokey Cokey?


Sunday I wake up around midday! Yes it wore me out that much. Outside it is beautiful blue skies, why did that not happen yesterday? And today I had a really lazy day, stayed in, yes in, and played Skyirm some more. I am now a vampire. Not me personally, my character in the game!


After a tidy up session outside, the fire box was in fact still warm, I head round my parents for some proper cooking. I take the opportunity to wash my MX5 and give it a good vacuum!


Back at home I  look at what Sara got me for my birthday, now some moths back if you didn’t realise! Grow my own Suffolk Mushrooms. Erm how hard can it be?


Well as it happens it can’t be that hard. Look there’s one growing in the box already!


A big one at that!


Naughty Norf has treated me to tis book, knowing that I enjoyed the film so much.


What I ponder though is how are all the subtitles going to ne done in the book?


I plant some herb pots, from Sara again and


also some Sunflowers, for the winter? She is one crazy girl.


And also think about where I can put this nick nack from the Asbury's. I put some nails in the wall and hang it. And think. May be its right. What If It Is All About The Hokey Cokey?


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